We all know how exciting it is preparing for the arrival of your new baby. From deciding on your favourite nursery colour scheme to choosing all the tiny, cute baby clothes, there are plenty of enjoyable, fun choices to make.



Although it’s important to enjoy this part of your journey to motherhood (let’s be honest you’ve earned it!) I want to talk about some of the more practical aspects of preparing for your new arrival that will make a real difference when you return home with baby from hospital.

Being well stocked with the essentials is vital (you always need more than you think!)

The last thing you need is finding yourself on your last nappy and having to make a mad dash to the supermarket.

Essentials can mean so many different things to different people and when it comes to babies even the essentials have rankings. In my experience the top two products I could never get enough of (after food/milk) were nappies and muslins – absolutely invaluable stock up items!!!!


Getting stocked up for the first few weeks helps enormously if your budget allows. Stocking up can pull hard on your purse strings so keeping your eyes open for the best buys and offers is essential.

We pride ourselves on finding the best deals for you and if we can make life easier in the process then all the better. We found this gem of a deal in the exciting Tesco baby event:

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE OFFER on Pampers nappies (ends September 19th). Get yourself well stocked in a range of sizes, saving lots of money at the same time. Click the link below and it will take you to the OFFERS available.

I remember my first trip to the supermarket after giving birth and finding that once I put the nappies in the trolly it didn’t leave much room for the rest of my groceries. That’s when I decided to do my grocery shopping online, far less stressful than trying to navigate a newborn and an overspilling trolly around the supermarket. So why not take advantage of TESCO’s excellent home delivery service too? All the essentials direct to your door and save money at the same time? PERFECT.