Packing your hospital bag is like mental preparation, helping you feel organised and in control (as much as you can be). We have so many mum’s asking for hints and tips on what to pack. Look no further we have put together this list which will make sure you have the perfect hospital bag contents.


Your birth plan/Hospital notes.

Purse with change ( for car parking, refreshments etc).

Bank card to pay for tv facilities in the hospital.

Dressing gown & slippers.

Nightdresses (at least 4 we would suggest, as changes will be required). Available Here

2-3 nursing bras. Available Here

PLENTY of knickers.

Loose comfy clothes to travel home in.

Breast Pads. Available Here

Maternity Pads. Available Here


Bath towel.

Phone & charger.

Hairbrush, clips, bobbles & hairband.

Snacks & refreshments.

A plastic bag for dirty clothes.

Added Comfort

Nursing pillow. Available Here

Lip Balm.

Oil or lotion for massage.

Tens machine. Available Here

Wet wipes.


Fan or cooling spray.

Birthing Partner

Phone & charger.

Change of clothes.

Snacks & refreshments.

Contact list.


3 x bodysuits. Available Here

3x sleepsuits. Available Here

2 pairs of scratch mitts.

Going home outfit.





Cotton wool balls.

Cuddly toy.


Car seat.

Best wishes to you and your growing family.