The first few years of a child’s life are filled with little milestones which can be cherished forever. They’re memories no parent will ever forget, but it’s possible to go one step further by symbolising these events in a way which can be looked back on and appreciated as they grow older.

After all, whilst there are many big milestones in any child’s life (such as their first day at school), it’s often the simplest moments which hold some of the strongest meaning, especially to any parent.

For example:

  • Their first smile
  • The first time they sit up
  • The first time they crawl
  • Their first words
  • Their first tooth
  • And many more in between

Memories of these exact moments can become hazy as the years go by, which is why it’s so useful to capture them however possible, whether that’s with a picture or even just a date and time. They all make wonderful keepsakes to enjoy in future.

One fantastic way of doing this is with a “My First Year” photo album frame. This allows you to include pictures of every month of their first year on our planet, right up to a large photograph of their 1st birthday.

It’s a great way to see your baby grow and develop over their first year of life. Plus, the album frame means that it can be proudly displayed on a shelf or mantelpiece instead of being kept away in storage like many photo albums often are. It can even be personalised with their name!

If you prefer a mixture of photos and text, then this “My First Year” book is an ideal choice. It can be personalised with the child’s name, date of birth and a special message, and consists of 24 pages to record key milestones as they grow.

It includes pre-printed questions to help parents record the little moments which they will appreciate in future, and even comes with a copy of the Daily Mail from the day the child was born, so they can get a glimpse into what else was happening around the world on that special day.

For something a little different, how about baby milestone cards? This is a selection of beautifully designed cards for key milestones during their early years of life, including every month and special occasions such as their first smile and first words. These events can be noted down on every card and paired with a photograph, making them great keepsakes to look back on as time goes by.

Whether you buy them for yourself, or as a gift for a new parent, there are many great ways to capture these precious moments.