Everyone is shaped in some way by the environment they’re in, and this is especially the case with new-born children.

Having the right surroundings, with pleasant visuals, soothing lighting, comfortable furniture and useful accessories, makes for a calmer and happier baby. It also creates an ideal nursery environment for parents and child to bond through their first years together.

What about style and colour for a nursery?

Whilst choosing a colour for a nursery might seem trivial, there has been considerable research into colour psychology and how it affects infants and adults alike.

For example, certain bright colours, such as red and yellow, can be more stimulating to a baby and invoke activity, whilst soothing colours, such as pale blues, greens and creams, can have a calming effect.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to mostly pastel shades with brighter accessories where appropriate. This avoids excessively bright colour which can over-stimulate a baby’s visuals, whilst allowing toys and wall graphics to be more prominent.

What sort of nursery furniture can I include?

The right furniture for nurseries not only benefits your baby, but also benefits you as the parent. Some elements to consider include:

Moses baskets – These are perfect for new-borns up to a few months old. They’re lightweight and often come with handles so you can take your baby with you throughout the home.

Cribs – Cribs with a traditional swinging function are a fantastic way to soothe your baby as you gently rock them back and forth.

Cots – Every nursery needs a good cot, especially as your baby will eventually outgrow a basket or crib. Important features to look out for include lockable wheels for easier manoeuvrability, teething rails to protect their gums, and adjustable height settings for the mattress base.

Cot mattresses – Like any adult, a good mattress is key to a good night’s sleep.  This is why the choice of mattress should be carefully considered. There are also some great offers out there to save money whilst still ensuring a better night’s sleep, such as this space-saver cot with a free mattress included.

Nursing chair – All of the above furniture is for your baby, but what about you? A comfortable place to sit whilst feeding or tending to your baby can make a world of difference.  One great example is this nursing chair with footstool, which is ergonomically designed for the perfect posture and gently rocks back and forth to soothe your baby whilst you both relax.

For a perfect place to start browsing for nursery furniture, check out the range at John Lewis, which offers cribs and cots through to chairs and drawers at affordable prices.

What about storage for a nursery?

The right storage requires some careful consideration. It needs to be ample enough to store away essential items whilst de-cluttering the nursery, but it also needs to allow quick access to everything you need whilst keeping all of the bits and bobs well organised.

Some important elements include:

Drawers – Perfect for smaller items, but if you have toys or any other accessories, ensure that they have the right dimensions to fit.

Wardrobes – Ideal for longer items and clothes which you may prefer to hang up instead of folding away in a drawer. Many wardrobes also come with adjustable shelves for versatile storage space.

Shelves – A few wall shelves adds additional space whilst making any items visible as part of the overall design theme of the room. Some cute toys and even photo frames look great on a nursery shelf.

Furniture sets from the likes of mamas & papas can be a fantastic choice, as they offer matching colours and styles. There are even 3-piece sets with drawers, wardrobes and cots to get the main pieces of furniture all in one go.

You can also check out John Lewis’ baby range for lots of furniture along with design features and accessories.

For some clever nursery organisation ideas you can try:

  • When it’s time to replace the cot with a bed, try to find one with in-built drawers under the mattress to take advantage of that available storage space.
  • Think carefully about where you’ll place shelves, drawers and tables so they provide easy access during various activities in your nursery. For example, storing nappies, wipes and creams in a drawer next to the changing area keeps them within arm’s reach.
  • Put small containers with cute designs around the room. Many toys and accessories for babies consist of lots of smaller pieces, so it’s important to have a handy way of keeping them grouped together.
  • Label drawers and containers so you aren’t opening and closing each one to find what you need.
  • Along with shelves, you can also try hanging baskets, which will be easier to keep lots of smaller items in place.


What about visuals and graphics for a nursery?

The graphic elements really make the scene of any nursery. They add appealing colours and shapes whilst setting the tone for what a nursery should be all about.

It’s not just about choosing the right visuals for your baby, but also about choosing visuals you like as well. It should be a room everyone can enjoy, and just like any other room in your home, you’ll no doubt want to make a design you can be really proud of – especially if you have lots of family and friends coming to visit.

Some key elements to consider include:

  • Toys on display
  • Printed slogans on the wall or furniture
  • Stickers
  • Pictures
  • Illustrations
  • Framed graphics for the wall
  • Pattern accents

One of our favourites is this “Moon and back” illuminated light box. It’s a framed box for your wall which includes whimsical cartoon illustrations and text which reads “Love you to the moon and back”. Plus, it also acts as a light source which gently illuminates the moon and stars for a wonderful ambiance.

Another great idea involves these circus wall stickers. They provide super-cute illustrations which can turn any wall into an adorable design feature.


What about accessories for a nursery?

There are many useful accessories for a nursery which are great for your baby and can help you out as well. Some examples include:

  • Decorative accessories
  • Lighting and clocks
  • Gates and playpens
  • Baby monitors
  • Safety items

One of our hidden gems is this Grobag Egg baby thermometer and night light. It displays the temperature of the room and changes colour depending on whether the room is too hot or too cold to check at a glance. It also doubles up as a soothing night light for general use.