When you have a baby on the way, comfort becomes a key element of any wardrobe, and this only increases as you get closer to the due-date!

Over the past few decades, there have been many types of maternity clothes which, whilst scoring top marks for comfort, leave a lot to be desired when it comes to fashion and style.

But why not have both? Fortunately, there are many ways to have exactly that, with outfits which keep you as comfortable as possible whilst making you one of the most stylish mums-to-be around.

One of our favourite sources for the child-bearing fashionista is the Colline maternity range from Vertbaudet. They offer practical yet stylish clothing for an affordable price tag. Plus, when you enter promotion code ‘8307’ at the checkout, you even get a 30% discount on the most expensive item and 10% off the rest of your order!

Here are some of our top picks:

Maternity cardigans

These sleek and trendy cardigans follow the contours of the body with light and stretchy fabric for maximum comfort. They can be buttoned up or left unbuttoned with a loose maternity t-shirt for a great layered look.

Maternity trench coat

This classic trench coat with a modern twist gives you a stylish yet comfortable coat for heading out and about. The adjustable belt and box pleats also retain a fitted look which is adjustable to suit your stage of pregnancy.

Long-stretch slim cut jeans

Jeans do not have to be off-limits when you’re expecting. These slim cut jeans have stretchy and breathable fabric for a figure-hugging look which remains flexible and comfortable. A definite must-have in any wardrobe due to their compatibility with many other outfits.

2 in 1 breastfeeding top

This top makes for fantastic maternity wear and doubles-up as a clever breastfeeding top when your baby has arrived. It has a stylish wrap-over effect with a concealed vest and detachable strap for easy access during breastfeeding.

Nursing bra with lace trim

This nursing bra provides everything you need when it comes to support, but includes a seductive lace trim for that feminine look. It pairs well with these all-lace maternity shorties for feel-good underwear which maximises style and comfort.

Lace maternity dress

A good maternity dress is essential for the summer season, and this trendy number is a fantastic choice. It’s light and loose for those sweltering days, but comes with a tie-able belt around the mid-section for a more contoured fit which you can adjust for just the right level of comfort.

Leather maternity belt

For a maternity accessory, there’s nothing better than this leather belt. Made out of genuine soft leather, it wraps around the body to spruce up any outfit, and contours loose clothing around the baby bump for a neater look.

Long Iridescent Maternity Cardigan

The great thing about this loose-fitting cardigan is that it adds versatility to many other outfits. You can pair it with different leggings or tops to change up the style in an instant. The elegant, free-flowing shape and highly compatible colour make it a must-have for any wardrobe.

For these and more, check out the Colline maternity range from Vertbaudet, and don’t forget to enter ‘8041’ at checkout for 30% off your most expensive item and 10% off the rest of your order!