There are potentially hundreds of things you have to buy for your new baby, but one of the most important is the pushchair. It will be your trusty companion whenever you take your child out for a stroll, so it’s vital that you pick the right one.

However, like so many other important buys, there’s such a wide range to choose from that it can be mindboggling! You have the choice of price ranges, designs, features, styles and many more, with various combinations of each. This is why we’ve assembled this quick buying guide to help you buy the perfect pushchair for you and your baby.

Choosing the right brand

Pretty much every major brand provides a great quality pushchair at a fair price. Some of the most popular include:

  • Baby Jogger
  • Uppababy
  • BabyStyle
  • Maclaren
  • Cosatto
  • Quinny
  • Babyzen
  • Silver Cross
  • Bugaboo
  • iCandy
  • Out ‘n’ About
  • Phil & Teds


The 5 main types of pushchair:

Choosing one of these types will largely depend on the age of your child and the versatility you need:


– Prams are a highly traditional style and perfect for new-born babies, as it allows them to lie down and sleep in a comfortable position.


– These are simple and versatile, with a fixed seat for toddlers and new-born babies. Most of them aren’t compatible with infant carriers, but they’re an easy way to get out and about.


– The pushchair is very similar to a buggy, except it often has a detachable infant carrier for additional means of moving around. If this feature is included, then it can make travel much easier, as you don’t have to move the baby from the buggy to a carrier and then back again. It can simply be detached and then re-attached when it’s time to get back on the move.

Twin pushchairs

– As the name implies, these have two seats which are perfect for twins or two children of a similar age.

3 in 1 systems

– These pushchairs are the “all-in-one” package, consisting of a detachable carry cot which is laid flat, an enclosed cot which is more upright for a laid back seating position, and also a completely upright seat.

Additional features to consider:

Travel systems

– These pushchairs are fantastic if you do a lot of travelling by car, as they have a full pushchair system with a detachable carry which acts as a car seat. They also tend to come with all of the accessories, so you can simply detach the carry and then use it as a car seat in the vehicle. Another handy benefit is that your baby is more likely to stay asleep the whole time!

3 wheeler strollers

– Instead of the traditional 4-wheel stroller, you could opt for 3, which can be easier to manoeuvre in tighter spaces.

Forward or backwards facing

– You may prefer your child to be facing you, or you may prefer them to be facing forward whilst you’re moving.

Pushchair buying tips – our quick top 8:

1). If you visit a lot of places on foot, then a lightweight, easily manoeuvrable pushchair would be best.

2). If you use a car frequently, then a pushchair with a built-in travel system is very useful.

3). Consider the different settings on a pushchair, such as the number of reclining positions and adjustment modes on the seat, straps and footrest. This will help you to tailor the pushchair to your baby for the most comfortable journey.

4). It can be tempting to go for the lowest price, but it may be worth investing more in a pushchair if your budget allows. Pricier pushchairs can be more durable and often come with enhanced features to make life that little bit easier.

5). Consider storage space. Some larger pushchairs have a lot of under-seat space to store various items, but the larger they are, the heavier they are, so the right balance is key.

6). Think about how fast your baby will grow. Prams, for example, are great for new-borns, but the child can outgrow it fairly quickly and require a new pushchair. This is what makes the 3-in-1 systems so useful, as they provide flat resting positions for new-borns and can then be converted into a seating position for babies and infants.

7). If you transport the pushchair in a vehicle, then make sure the size dimensions allow it to fit inside the boot or any other storage location.

8). Consider the most common terrain. Some pushchairs might be great for smooth pavements, but not so good for country roads, so choosing a pushchair with the right wheels, suspension and frame can make journeys more comfortable for you and your baby.

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